collaborative & specialized

A good partnership within one supply chain leads to the best results.


Our company is specialized on the injection molding of plastics. By having a strong relation to the building business, we are able to offer our customers a big variation of products from one source. We know the expectations to our articles and how to meet them best. This makes us a solid partner for a sustainable business relation. On this base innovative building tools can be developed and produced which focus on the customers need at 100 %.


quality-conscious & agile

Made in Germany.




We understand quality to be multi-factorial. Therefore we are always heading for an improvement of our products and services in all matters! We do not rest but always try to become better. A structured behavior and aimed measures are our tools for the excellence of your tools.

sustainable & forward-looking

To be successful even tomorrow, one has to consider the future -from all perspectives.


This is why we do not only make our economic decisions forward looking. But we are also taking the ecological aspects into consideration at all product life cycle phases. This is why we produce a big part of our required energy on our solar power system or by power-heat coupling. The remaining consumption is completely sourced from renewable energies. Our products can be made of (bio-degradable) organic plastics or compounds containing natural fibers.