Tile spacer

Tile spacers and T-pieces are placed between the tiles and guarantee an even joint width. All parts are made from environmentally friendly polyethylene (PE) using 40-60% recycled material.

Tile spacers are poured loose or available in a PP bag with your individual print.


Notched trowels

Notched trowels made of polypropylene are ideal for applying adhesives when laying tiles or floors (carpets, PVC coverings, laminate floors).

Polypropylene is solvent-resistant (easy to clean), abrasion-resistant and easy to recycle.

Surface trowels

Surface trowels made of environmentally friendly polypropylene are ideal for working on sensitive materials, e.g. wood, painted surfaces, GRP components, etc., but also for curved surfaces, e.g. body repairs.

Polypropylene is solvent-resistant, abrasion-resistant, unbreakable and easily recyclable.


Notched und smoothing trowels

Smoothing trowels are used to structure plastic-based plasters indoors and outdoors.

Notched trowels are recommended for applying adhesives in drywall construction.


FLI-PRO - the plastic tiling corner ensures that the tiles are precisely aligned horizontally, vertically and diagonally.
FLI-PRO has a cord holder and can be put together as a pair. When used together with the above tile spacers, optimal results can be achieved without any problems.

Plaster scrapers

Plaster scrapers are ideal for rubbing out scratch plasters. The use of hardened steel pins ensures a long service life.


GAPdisc - fits around

The 4-in-1-tile spacer is reusable and universally applicable.